New England based digital medicine startup, MedRhythms, is proud to announce appointments to their board of advisors that represents an interdisciplinary team of thought leaders in their respective fields.  With a commitment to their mission of bringing the highest quality of care to everyone, MedRhythms is building products focused on rehabilitation incorporating biomarker sensing, deep learning, music and neuroscience.

Their new advisors bring a wealth of relevant industry experience and include: 

David Storto, President of Spaulding Rehabilitation Network a Partners Continuing Care, where he has served in this or similar roles for nearly 30 years;

Dr. Lou Awad, Associate Faculty Member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and Assistant Professor at Boston University;

Scott Wallace, VP of Business Development at Optum Labs with decades of experience in healthcare and technology.

Dr. Michael Thaut, an international leader in neuroscience and music; Director of the the Music and Health Collaboratory at the University of Toronto;  and founder of Neurologic Music Therapy

“We believe at MedRhythms that it is important to have a multi-disciplinary team of advisors to inform our strategy and ensure that we are striving for world-class standards as we set on a mission to reach everyone on the earth.  This team will be a critical part of our success.” said Owen McCarthy, MedRhythms co-founder and President.

David Storto says: “I have witnessed the power of neurologic music therapy on the recovery of brain injury patients and believe this is valuable treatment and something that more healthcare providers should seriously consider incorporating.”  

Coming from a technology, data, and payor perspective Scott Wallace is equally excited to support MedRhythms stating: “I am thrilled to work with the team at MedRhythms to help bring innovation to the rehabilitation and physical therapy markets.  These underserved populations are in need of a disruptive and transformative application of advanced analytics, automated and objective assessments, and the creative use of music as therapy.

MedRhythms is in a great position to capitalize on their knowledge and experience in the therapy industry and I look forward to supporting them as they execute on their innovative vision.”

MedRhythms is a seed stage company that is marching towards building a prototype digital medicine product informed by the MedRhythms Therapy business which provides therapists to facilities and people across New England.  MedRhythms’ progress thus far has been assisted by funding from the Maine Technology Institute and other unnamed investors.

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