MedRhythms and Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley are excited to announce their collaboration to provide neurologic music therapy (NMT) services to the Nashoba Valley residents and patients in a group setting twice per month at their Littleton, MA location. The group will treat between 10 and 15 people and will be led by MedRhythms clinician Caitlin Hyatt.

Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley is a skilled nursing center which provides short term rehabilitation and long term care. Its specialties are neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation and wound care, which are supported by regular on-site presence of am orthopedic surgeon, a general surgeon and a rehabilitation medicine physician.

As Sara Salamone, Lead Occupational Therapist for the neuro rehab program at Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley says, “As a skilled nursing facility level provider we found that many patients were leaving acute rehab and were losing that focused neuro-rehab driven care.  We made it our goal to improve the continuity of care and have been working over the past several years to increase our focus on neurological rehabilitation. We have sent staff to advanced training and certificate courses in stroke recovery and other neurological diseases”

MedRhythms operates at the intersection of music and neuroscience to help people recover their language, movement, or cognition using neurologic music therapy (NMT).  The company launched out of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital under the guidance of CEO Brian Harris. The field has been around for 10-15 years, but has became more popular after it helped Senator Gabby Giffords say her first words while recovering from her gunshot wound in 2011.  The field is protocol-based, with many years of brain imaging and neuroscience research helping achieve speech/language, cognition, and sensorimotor goals.  

When asked about NMT, therapist Caitlin Hyatt says, “NMT works because music is processed in many locations in the brain, and the brain can create new pathways to access language, movement, or cognition.  In short, these interventions help the patients ‘rewire’ how their brain processes language.”

“We first learned of NMT on a collaborative visit to Spaulding rehab, where we witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of recovery and the uplifting nature of NMT.  NMT has so many amazing benefits that it seems like a perfect fit for Nashoba Valley,” Sara Salamone says.  

Brian Harris CEO, “When Nashoba Valley reached out to us interested in a doing a group -- we jumped at the opportunity.  We had heard about their positive reputation in the community and we thought there could be no better place to start NMT”