Company Overview

MedRhythms is a company that is committed to providing people access to the highest quality of rehabilitation.  To execute on this goal, we combine deep learning and low cost sensors to create digital therapeutics for rehab. The first product uses music to help people recover their movement.  We are starting here because it has been shown to be more effective than physical therapy, it is a new tool for rehab, and we have deep expertise in neurologic music therapy. 

Each of the products developed on our platform will be built on a closed-loop circuit; data captured with sensors is fed into our software platform, and proprietary music algorithms deliver music based on cutting edge research of music and neuroscience.  Ultimately, the technology will increase accessibility and affordability for those with neuro injury or disease.

MedRhythms is comprised of an excited, passionate team driven to make a difference in the world by providing the highest quality of care to those in need.  As a member of the MedRhythms team it is expected that you are diligent and timely with your work, ask questions immediately if you don’t understand something, commit to doing the right thing that aligns with the mission of our organization, act as a servant leader making the people around you smarter, and give honest and direct feedback to arrive at the best answer.  


Job Description

Position: Music Algorithm Development Intern

Objective: You will participate in the research, evaluation, and implementation of music algorithms applied to digital rehabilitation tools.



-        Develop and implement embedded algorithms for real-time processing of music to be used to recover function

-        Take multiple input data points to control and modulate parameters of music

-        Benchmark and compare performance of algorithms with alternative approaches

-        Document work in written reports and oral presentations

-        Work effectively with other disciplines such as doctors, therapists, nurses and aids to evaluate technical capabilities, user needs, and alternative approaches for mathematical solutions of clinical problems

-        Regular meetings with CEO and/or MedRhythms team



-        A passion for and understanding of music (need to demonstrate how it is important in your life)

-        Expert at developing algorithms

-        Knowledge of software requirements, architecture and documentation

-        High level software experience (i.e. Python, Matlab, C/C++, R)

-        Ability to thrive in a rapidly changing startup environment  

-        Passionate about helping others

-        Great written and oral communication skills

-        Highly organized with talent for balancing many priorities to deliver on an extremely fast schedule

-        Ability to learn, be proactive, and self-motivated in a fast-paced team environment

-        Bachelor degree in math, science or engineering required

-        Minimum 2 years of hands-on, detailed product design or prototyping experience


How to apply?

Draft a couple of paragraphs that talk about:

1.      Why do you think MedRhythms is a good fit for you?

2.      What is your experience with algorithm development?

Prepare and send us your resume at


We are an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer. Minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.